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What is an Appraisal?
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An Appraisal has four parts:
  1. Inspection = careful, up-close, hands-on
  2. Identification = what is it, when was it made
  3. Valuation = depends on type of value & current market
  4. Documentation = USPAP conformant report

What's NOT an Appraisal?

  1. "Free" appraisals = you pay a professional appraiser to be on your side. Who is the non-professional working for?
  2. online "appraisals" = lack good inspection; hard to tell genuine from fake or reproduction
  3. roadshow type "appraisal fairs" = lack time for research and USPAP report; what you get is officially called a "verbal opinion of value"

Type of Value:

  • Replacement Value = used for insurance; you need to buy a replacement that closely matches the damaged/lost item
  • Fair Market Value = used for estates; what a reasonable buyer would pay to a reasonable seller under no pressure to sell quickly
  • Forced Liquidation Value = used for quick cash; what a seller under pressure to sell as soon as possible is likely to get
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